Have you been a victim of BWL’s tree trimming?

Winter tree trimming

We have been receiving a lot of call’s lately from customers fed up with BWL’s tree trimming practices. It is a shame our historic neighborhoods are being robbed of mature canopies, but we’re here to help! Last fall I went out to look at a backyard in East Lansing that recently had three gorgeous maples removed. Our customer was frustrated that he now had a direct view to his neighbors living room, along with no blockage from the sun on his patio. I drew up a design, thinking of ways to re-enclose the space, all while keeping his budget in mind. I also wanted to be sure the trees we planted would not cause future problems with the power-lines. The Con-color fir, Hemlock, and White spruce we chose will grow to create a wall against the fence. The nice thing about these trees is that they are upright, and require minimal selective pruning. This spring we will be planting hydrangeas, perennials, and ground-cover to add summer color.

If you can relate to this feeling of frustration we would love to hear from you. Feel free to send a message on our website, or contact us directly at 517-515-1723. Thanks for reading our blog!


~Tom Morgan