What’s involved when installing a patio?

Stone and brick paved path

A lot goes into creating a new patio and corners can easily be cut. It is important for homeowners to know what to look for while their patio is being constructed to be sure it can be enjoyed for years to come. Base prep The most important part of any patio is the base. just… Continue reading

Have you been a victim of BWL’s tree trimming?

Winter tree trimming

We have been receiving a lot of call’s lately from customers fed up with BWL’s tree trimming practices. It is a shame our historic neighborhoods are being robbed of mature canopies, but we’re here to help! Last fall I went out to look at a backyard in East Lansing that recently had three gorgeous maples… Continue reading

Why should I get a design made for my yard?

Bud Branch and Blossom landscape design

I am often asked about the benefits of getting a landscape design made. Many customers are excited to get started with their project, and feel the design will hinder the process. After all, you have the vision in your head and have conveyed it to us, so what’s the point? Landscapes always turn out better… Continue reading